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About Anhui

  • Ba Wang Bie Ji

    Ba Wang Bie Ji ("the Conqueror bids his concubine farewell") is a famous Beijing opera depicting the events of Xiang Yu's defeat at the Battle of Gaixia (today’s Lingbi County, Anhui).
  • Chef Ding cuts up an ox

    Once upon a time, there was a chef with the surname of Ding.
    One day, he cut up an ox for King Wenhui.
  • Legend about Anfeng Tang

    Anfeng Tang, one of the four ancient irrigation projects in China, is located at Shouxian County, Anhui Province.
  • Yu Meets Local Lords on Mount. Tu

    Yu the Great was a legendary ruler in ancient China famed for his introduction of flood control, inaugurating dynastic rule in China by founding the Xia Dynasty, and for his upright moral character.
  • Hua Tuo and Mengzhen Bridge in Mount. Qiyun
    Mount. Qiyun in south Anhui is one of the holy places for Taoists. Mengzhen Bridge (“meng” means “a dream”, and “zhen” means “coming true”) is a stone bridge stretching over a heavily wooded valley in the mountain. Here is a legend about the name of the stone bridge.
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