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About Anhui

Anhui Province was established in the sixth year of the Reign of Kangxi Emperor of the Qing Dynasty (1667AD). Anhui, the name of the province, is a portmanteau word combining the first characters of Anqing and Huizhou. Because there was an ancient state named “Wan” during the Spring and Autumn Period (722-481 BC) and a mountain called “Wanshan” in the province, Anhui is called “Wan” for short.
  • Tao Xingzhi

    Tao Xingzhi (1891-1946), a native of Shexian County of Huangshan City, was a modern educationist.
  • Chen Duxiu

    Chen Duxiu (1880-1942) with a courtesy name Zhongpu, a native of Huaining County, Anhui Province, was a famous modern scholar and politician, an activist of the May 4th Movement of 1919, and one of the main founders of the Communist Party of China (CPC).
MOREStories & Legends
  • Ba Wang Bie Ji

    Ba Wang Bie Ji ("the Conqueror bids his concubine farewell") is a famous Beijing opera depicting the events of Xiang Yu's defeat at the Battle of Gaixia (today’s Lingbi County, Anhui).
  • Chef Ding cuts up an ox

    Once upon a time, there was a chef with the surname of Ding.
    One day, he cut up an ox for King Wenhui.