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About Anhui

Anhui Province was established in the sixth year of the Reign of Kangxi Emperor of the Qing Dynasty (1667A.D.). Anhui, the name of the province, is a portmanteau word combining the first characters of Anqing and Huizhou.
  • Huang Binhong

    Huang Binhong was a painter and art theorist who, faced with the challenge of a new society in 20th-century China, incorporated fresh ideas into traditional Chinese painting.
  • Cheng Dawei

    Cheng Dawei is a Chinese mathematician known mainly as the author of Suanfa Tongzong (General Source of Computational Methods).
MOREStories & Legends
  • Legend about Anfeng Tang

    Anfeng Tang, one of the four ancient irrigation projects in China, is located at Shouxian County, Anhui Province.
  • Yu Meets Local Lords on Mount. Tu

    Yu the Great was a legendary ruler in ancient China famed for his introduction of flood control, inaugurating dynastic rule in China by founding the Xia Dynasty, and for his upright moral character.