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Hefei Shopping

The shopping center of Hefei is mainly situated at San Xiao Kou and Si Pai Lou (the middle Changjiang Road). You can buy clothes at the Walking Street (Bu Xing Jie), where there are store departments such as Parkson and Gu Lou. Cheng Huang Temple is also a  shopping place, where there are many varities of small commodities, and you have better have good bargin skills.

Super Markets in Hefei:

Carrefour Changjiang Road
Address: 199 West Changjiang Road (San Li An), Shushan District

Carrefour Maanshan Road (Cross street of Maanshan Road and Tunxi Road), Baohe District
Buses: No.17, No.19, No.21, No.23, No.111
Get off at the station of Zhou Gu Dui

Address: 2nd-3rd floor, Wen Sha Jie Zuo Building, Cross street of Shengli Road and Fengyang Road, Yaohai District
Buses: No.1, No.7, No.22, No.119, No.129, No.139, No.144, No.145
Get off at North Shengli Road station or Yuan Yi Shopping Mall station

Joymark (Hejiafu) Yan He Road
Opening Time: 7:30-22:00
Add: 118 North Mengcheng Road
Tel: 5616758
Buses: No.109, No.161 get off at Hejiafu Market station
       No.13, No.15, No.232, No.114, No.125, No.126, No.221 get off at Mengchenglu Bridge station
       No.5, No.14 get off at Fuyanglu Bridge station

Joymark (Hejiafu) Wei Gang

Add: 119 Qing Nian Road
Tel: 3433539
Buses: No.4, No.27, No.104, No.138, No.141, No.14, No.163 get off at Wei Gang station

Joymark (Hejiafu) Maanshan Road

Add: Cross of Maanshan Road and Taihu Road
Tel: 3453818
Buses: No.17, No.23, No.109, No.137, No.145, No.158, No.163, No.705, No.902 get off at He Jia Fu station
    No. 133, No.146 get off at Jiaotong branch school station

Joymark (Hejiafu) An Ju Yuan
Add: 365 West Changjiang Road
Tel: 5589890
Buses: No.3, No.6, No.9, No.18, No.21, No.110, No.168 No.158, No.801 get off at Qing Yang Road station

Huangshan Shopping

Huangshan City is the tourist base of Anhui Province. Such a tourist city is not as modern as the metropolis, but can boast of varieties of locally made goods constantly on display looking for buyers. Once you find yourself in the city, the recommended shopping places for your patronage are highlighted below.
Huangshan Tea City.

It is generally agreed that China is the home of tea, and if you want to know about Chinese tea further, please log on to Chinese Tea. Mt. Huangshan is a famous tea producing area in China, tea from this area is well known overseas and Huangshan tea is famed for the quality of green-tea, such as Huangshan Maofeng is regarded as the top ten green-tea of China.

Huangshan Tea City is the largest and highest tea trade center in south Anhui Province. You can not only buy every kind of tea but can also experience tea culture first hand in tea history hall; you can have a tea taste at tasting tea hall and appreciate tea ceremony in any of the existing performance halls.

Address: No. 35 in Hehua West Road, Huangshan City, Anhui Province, China

The next wonderful shopping place is Tunxi Ancient Street. Stores in this street mainly deal with the elegant art wares, native products and some tourist souvenirs.

The traditional art wares of Huangshan City are the four treasures of the study, Hui (Huizhou) Ink and She (Shexian) Inkstone. Folk arts including brick carving, stone carving, wood carving and bamboo carving, also the miniature gardens of Hui style and the jumped-up bamboo articles and furniture are all characterized with and decorated with local art flavor.

Also you can buy some local specialty of mushroom, glossy ganoderma (a kind of precious Chinese medicine grow on cliff), loquat, Chinese gooseberry (a kind of popular fruit in China with abundant vitamins), tribute chrysanthemum and wild walnut. Remember to buy some dry bamboo shoot; the tine of the bamboo shoot is the best.

Besides the local flavor, there are several super markets and marketplaces in Tunxi District for your patronage.

Huangshan Branch of Shanghai Jiadeli Supermarket
Address: Huangshan East Road, Tunxi district, Huangshan City, Anhui Province

Huangshan New Street Shopping Marketplace
Address: east Huangshan Middle Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan City, Anhui Province

Huangshan Suguo Super Market-bigger all-around supermarket
Address: Qianyuan South Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan City, Anhui Province