Welcome to Fenghuang Mountain to enjoy peonies

Updated:Apr 28,2020 15:19 PM 

As the weather gets warmer, a number of people go to Fenghuang Mountain to enjoy the poetic and enchanting scenery of peony blossoms and take pictures to remember this lovely moment.

Fenghuang Mountain scenic area is one of the three most famous peony bases in China. The other two bases are in Luoyang, Henan Province and Heze, Shandong Province. The peak season of peony blossoms is from March to May every year. Since the official opening of the scenic area on March 21, tourists entering the scenic area have been required to scan the health code. The tourist centers, toilets, promenades, viewing booths and other public places in the scenic area are disinfected on a regular basis. In the main scenic area, there are more than 30 workers guiding tourists to wear masks and follow social distancing rules.

Crystal clear streams stretch across the scenic spot with lush mountains surrounding around. This picturesque landscape offers visitors breathtakingly beautiful views and an irresistible aroma. Up to now, the scenic spot has received 120,000 tourists. The ponies will be in full blossom to greet more visitors.