Huangshan Mountain offers half-price tickets for tourists in February

Updated:Jan 21,2020 14:44 PM

(ECNS) -- People from all over the world who visit China's Huangshan Mountain can enjoy a 50 percent discount, or 95 yuan ($13.8) per ticket, in February, a move the scenic spot is offering to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its inscription on the World Heritage List.

Located in East China's Anhui Province, Huangshan Mountain is famous for its five wonders -- peculiar pines, rare-looking rocks, seas of clouds, hot springs, and winter snow.

Visitors from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and abroad can buy tickets at Ciguangge and Yungu booths.

World heritage experts can enjoy a "double free" preferential treatment: free of both the admission ticket and cableway ride.

Domestic tourists can book tickets on the scenic spot's official website with their ID cards.

Huangshan Mountain was included in the world heritage list as a world cultural and natural heritage site by UNESCO in December 1990.

According to meteorological data, there is a high probability of spectacular scenes such as seas of clouds and aureola in February.

Also known as the Yellow Mountain, the world heritage site covers an area of 1,200 square kilometers.