Nine in Anhui Nominated as China's Beautiful, Leisure Villages

Updated:Nov 15,2019 15:49 PM

The Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs has planned to nominate 260 villages nationwide as “China’s beautiful and leisure villages”, including nine ones in East China’s Anhui province, according to a list released by the ministry on Wednesday.

The nine villages are listed as follows:

Nanping village, Biyang township, Yixian county

Huangwei village, Huangwei township, Yuexi county

Qianjin village, Shuidong township, Xuanzhou district

Taohua village, Huhe township, Dangtu county

Wuchuan village, Chang’an township, Jixi county

Aili village, Yandun township, Nanling county

Xilian village, Youfangdian township, Jinzhai county

Goudong village, Chengguan township, Wuhe county

Xiaokeng village, Meicun township, Guichi district