“Urban Gym” for Wuqinxi in Bozhou

Updated:Jul 12,2022 17:00 PM www.bozhou.gov.cn

In Huatuo Square located in Bozhou downtown area, Wuqinxi instructors would lead amateurs to perform Wuqinxi in the morning and evening on weekends and holidays, which has set off a fitness craze.

With the increasing fame of Wuqinxi in Huatuo Square, it becomes a “urban gym” for more citizens to practice the sport. Wuqinxi is a set of fitness exercises created by the highly-skilled doctor Hua Tuo, which can be practiced regularly to strengthen the body.

In recent years, Bozhou city vigorously promotes fitness activities based on Wuqinxi, and has won the “Hometown of Chinese Wuqinxi” and other honorary titles.