First snowfall in Jiuhua Mountain in E China

Updated:Nov 12,2021 17:24 PM People's Daily Online

On Nov. 7, the Jiuhua Mountain in east China’s Anhui province witnessed an abrupt drop in temperature, falling from 16 degrees Celsius to minus 10 degrees Celsius, with the warm autumnal weather having been replaced by the freezing breeze of wintertime overnight. During the daytime, the mountains were immersed in a misty drizzle, and when night fell, whirling snowflakes dropped down from on high. All the scenic spots in the Jiuhua Mountain were covered with silvery snow, creating a magical fairyland full of crystals.

Early in the morning of Nov. 8, the red sun jumped out from behind the mountains, under which every twig glistened in a white radiance. As the sunlight glimmered through the mist, everything hazy in red and white was mixed with sparkling snow. So spectacular!