Charming China - Charming Anhui

Updated:Nov 02,2021 15:13 PM People's Daily Online

SYDNEY, Oct.30 (People’s Daily Online) – On Oct.30, the travel program “Charming China - Charming Anhui” was broadcast on Seven Network, Australia’s largest free-to-air television network, showcasing the picturesque scenery and historical culture of Southern Anhui. 

Charming China - Charming Anhui airs on Channel 7.

In this episode, award-winning Australian TV presenter and producer Greg Grainger connected remotely with Amy Lyons, an Australian Youtube Vlogger who is currently in China and introduced Anhui’s cultural heritage and its charm.

Anhui Province is located in the hinterland of eastern China. The history and culture of Anhui is constantly attracting visitors from all over the world. In this episode, the audience was taken on an immersive journey through multiple historical and cultural sites in Anhui, where they could experience and explore a variety of features, traditional customs and local cuisine of Anhui, including Xuancheng city, the hometown of the Four Treasures of Chinese Study, and Huangshan city, home to Mount Huangshan, known as the "Most Spectacular Mountain in the World."


Co-host Amy Lyons tastes Anhui cuisine.