Experience a poetic spring in Anhui's Jiuziyan scenic area

Updated:Mar 23,2021 16:53 PM cnanhui.org

Jiuziyan scenic area is the main tourist attraction of Anhui's Mount Jiuhua National Forest Park. Due to its geographical features, it has a pleasant climate as well as the typical mountainous landscape of South Anhui which is characterized by multiple basins and hills as well as peculiar-shaped peaks.

The main peak in Jiuziyan, Tianhua Peak, is 1,084 meters above sea level. The scenic area has 1,467 hectares of forest, which means 73.3% of its land is forested. Jiuziyan is also home to 1,460 species of higher plants, including 165 families and 663 genera except bryophytes. Visitors can see hundreds of rare tree species, ornamental and medicinal plants, and more than 100 ancient trees here.