Yixian County

Updated:Jun 17,2021 17:26 PM www.huangshan.gov.cn

Located in the southwest side of the renowned Mount. Huang, Yixian county is a National Famous Historical and Cultural City in China. Since historically the Mount. Huang was called Mount. Yi, the county got its name as Yi. It was built in 221 BC in the Qin Dynasty and had a history of over 2200 years. As one of the oldest counties in China, it is endowed with the World Culture Heritage site—Ancient Villages in Southern Anhui Xidi and Hongcun.

Yixian county used to be the cradle of the Huizhou culture in the Ming and Qing dynasty and the gathering place for Huizhou merchants. Businessmen from Yixian County have established ancient schools, temples, gardens and houses since the Ming dynasty. These relics are well-maintained as historical buildings with an amount exceeding 3000, located round the county seat, which are acknowledged as wonders of world, treasures of the eastern art of architecture and illustrations for Chinese traditional culture. The Xidi and Hongcun ancient villages in southern Anhui was announced World Culture Heritage on 30th, Nov. 2000 by UNESCO as places witnessed Chinese ancient culture, typical representations of traditional architecture arts and prime examples of combination of people and nature.

The archways, buildings and boat-shape Xidi village demonstrates the strength of man. The magnificent appearance and bull-shape aquo system of Hongcun shows the tenderness of woman. There are tourists’ attractions like labyrinth-like Nanping, marvelous joint buildings in Guanlu, Pingshan village famous for fengshui culture, woodcarving building in Lucun, and hometown of Sai jinhua and so on. Red leaves of Tachuan, sea of bamboo in Mukeng, red-cloud-like azalea and the Huanggu River which has a scene like a 30-kilometer-long painting gallery are shining together. The Yixian county is also decorated by Qishu Lake, Valleys of love birds, romantic Peach Garden corridor, camel-like hills and majestic Daguling Waterfall. It is indeed a county in a landscape painting.

It’s the most perfect place for painters and photographers. Tachuan is known as one of the 3 best spots in China to enjoy the autumn scene. The Yixian County Photography Festival attracts photographers from all over the world. As one of the training bases for Chinese Mountain Bike Association, the county has standard mountain bike training ground. It is a good place for cyclists to get close to nature and experience fun delivered by countryside. The ancient relics and picturesque landscape make Yixian county a natural film production base. From the 80’s in the 20th century, hundreds of films have been produced here. The famous director Zhang Yimou, Li An, and Chen kaige made their famous films Judou, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Gentle breeze and Bright Moonlight here.

Anhui cuisine is one of China's eight major styles of cooking and Yixian county is the authentic cradle of Anhui cuisine. The raw materials of Anhui cuisine are mainly from mountains. It is natural, delicious and good for health. Dishes like “Umbilicaria stewed partridge”, “Braised mandarin fish”, “Braised bacon with bamboo shoots”, “Dao Ban Xiang”, “Laba Tofu” not only maintain the flavor of traditional aristocratic cuisine, but also adapt to the dietary needs of modern mass. The delicious food of Yixian county is another enjoyment in the journey.

Yixian county’s traditional arts and crafts are displayed with its tourism development. Lots of goods including the four treasures in the study, woodcarving, brick carving, stone carving, sweet chestnut and black soybeans have been sold to Japan, South Korea and more than 20 cities in China. The county is famous for tea especially Huangshan Maofeng, Wuxi Xiangya, Xidi Cuimei. Laba Tofu, Hongtan Soycheese and some other traditional handmade food have been sold in super markets. The torreya grandis in Sixi town is also famous and the tourists like “Mi torreya” and “Shang torreya” most.