Mount Langya

Updated:Apr 12,2019 11:15 AM


Zuiweng Pavilion  Photo by Wang Song

Mount Langya is a mountain located in south west of Chuzhou City. As a national forest park, it is the most famous scenic spot in east Anhui. Apart from its mountain scenery, rivers and forest, the area also contains the Zuiweng Pavilion, which takes its name from an essay entitled Zuiweng Tingji or An Account of the Old Toper's Pavilion, written by the Northern Song Dynasty poet Ouyang Xiu.


Inscription Zuiweng Tingji  


Ouyang Xiu wrote in his essay that when we wound along the path for about four kilometers, we heard a spring bubbling from the valley between two hills, and it is Rangquan Spring.” Today, we can see two stone ponds around the spring which never dries up. The water is clear and sweet. Two red traditional Chinese characters (譲泉, Rangquan Spring) is inscribed on a tablet beside the spring. It was re-built during the reign of Kangxi Emperor in the Qing Dynasty.