Tiantang Zhai

Updated:Jul 13,2017 16:56 PM www.ah.gov.cn

Situated in the west hinterland of Dabie Mountains in Southern Anhui, the Tiantang Zhai Scenic Area is a piece of water-reserve forest in a mist all the year round. The highest peak Tiantang Peak, 1729 meters above sea level, is the second highest peak of Dabie Mountains.


Sea of Clouds on Tiantang Zhai

On the top of the peak, you can overlook the Central Plains to the north and enjoy a view of Jinchu (areas of Hubei Province) to the south. Surprisingly there is a natural pond on the peak crown, called as the "Jasper Lake", in which the water keeps its amount without drying up or overflowing all the year round.

The waterfalls in Tiantang Zhai, outshining those in all the other famous mountains, amount to over 100 in total, and greet you every now and then when you walk in the mountain. "Flying Waterfalls and Dragon Ponds" are the essence of the whole Tiantang Zhai.



Xieyu Waterfall

Jiuying, Xieyu, Sidie and Yingong, close to each other, paint a splendid picture with transparent mountain water flying downwards like a big curtain. 

The spectacular pines and stones in the Scenic Area are also appealing and vivid. If you are interested in historical relics, you can pay a visit to the White Horse Village (1480 meters above sea level) where the first beacon tower was built which Wu Kingdom and Chu Kingdom used to fight for in the period of the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States. The legend goes that Qu Yuan had tracked the top of the village.