Mt. Tianzhu

Updated:Dec 10,2018 09:24 AM

Mt. Tianzhu is located within the boundaries of Qianshan City in the southwest of Anhui. Because of its dramatic, precipitous beauty, the highest peak—"Heavenly Pillar Peak"—the mountain has the name Tianzhu.

With towering pines, grotesque rocks, running waterfalls and springs, and canyons, secluded caves, defiles and ancient mountain strongholds, the mountain resort combines the features of both Huangshan Mountain and Lushan Mountain, imposing and tranquil.



Tianzhu Peak

Tianzhu Peak, with an altitude of 1,489.8 meters, is the highest peak.


Tianchi Peak  by Huang Junying

The top of Tianchi Peak, the second highest peak, is divided into three parts, which are linked by two stones, namely Duxian Bridge.


Feilai Peak

On the top of the peak lies a boulder, seeming like one flying from outer space.


Sanzu Temple

The temple is the place where the Patriarch of the Buddhist Zen Sect, Sengcan, did carya (observing and doing) and passed away while standing in AD 606.