Tangmo Village

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Tangan Garden

Dating back to the Tang Dynasty, with well-preserved layout and landscape in ancient time, Tangmo Village features Huizhou Shuikou (a term of geomancy referring to the entrance and exit of water flow), Hui-style gardens and scenery of waterside village. The village is also famous for its exuberant one-thousand-year old camphor trees, Shuijie (a street along a running stream), bridges of various shapes and three presented scholars.



The village owns culture relic protection sites including Tangan Garden, Shuikou, Shuijie, Jingting Pavilion, Tongbao Hanlin Fang (Archway Commemorating Two Scholars Who are Brothers), Shadi Pavilion and Gaoyang Bridge, as well as ancestral halls, old gingko trees, ancient wells, statues of the Ming Dynasty and inscriptions of calligraphic masters of the ancient time.