Chaohu Lake

Updated:Nov 04,2014 15:52 PM


Chaohu Lake is a scenic spot of national level. Spanning the center of Anhui Province, Chaohu Lake is so named because the shape of this lake is like a bird's nest.

One of the five largest freshwater lakes in China, the water area of Chaohu Lake extends about 800 square kilometers. The main rivers flowing into the lake are Tuogao River, Nanfei River, Fengle River, Hangbu River and Zhao River.

The aquatic resources in Chaohu are abundant, the silver fish, small shrimps and crabs are popular both at home and abroad.

As one of the major tourist attractions in the central province, Chaohu has exquisite scenery, with mists and waves stretching far into the horizon.


Lying in the middle of the lake, Mt. Mushan floats above on the vast expanse of waters like a conch. The Wenfeng Pagoda stands high in the middle of the island. It was erected in the reign of Chongzhen Emperor (1627-1644 AD). 25 tablets inscribed by Li Hongzhang and Liu Mingchuan are collected in the towers. Besides, there are 802 imposing Buddha statues carved on bricks. 

An ancient temple named Zhong Temple lies on the bank of the lake near Mount. Mushan. People worship Lord Guan, Guanyin and many Gods in the temple. 


On the southern bank of the lake lies the Silver Screen Mountain, celebrated for its great white peonies that grow on the cliff.  After more than three hundred years, the wild silver screen peony, one of most wonderful flowers in the world, looks as graceful as ever.