Dangshan Yellow Pear

Updated:Jun 17,2020 15:42 PM www.ahsz.gov.cn

Dangshan Yellow Pear, an agro-product brand featuring geographical indication, grows in Dangshan County of Suzhou City in northern Anhui.

The compatible climate and fertile sandy soil are ideal for growing superior yellow peaches. Dangshan county is situated in warm temperate monsoon zone with semi-humid climate and four distinct seasons. The fruit trees can enjoy warm weather and full sunlight there. What’s more, it lies in floodplains of the Yellow River with fertile sandy soil.

The yellow peaches with red-orange skin and golden flesh have a balanced sweet and sour flavor. They can be eaten fresh, in salads and desserts, and canned.

Yellow peaches are available throughout the summer, especially in July and August. The cans, juice made from yellow peaches are world-renowned and exported to many countries including USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.