Jixi tarts

Updated:Nov 23,2021 09:54 AM www.xuancheng.gov.cn

Jixi tarts (dialect ta guo), is a common pasta of the local people in Jixi, also jokingly called as Chinese pizza. It is not difficult to make it: firstly, roll out the skin, then wrap the stuffing and shape it into a circle, finally, just put it in the pan and fry it. The pasta with unique local characteristics tastes fragrant, moderately hard and soft. Flavor tart has its own flavor because of its different fillings. Dried vegetables and fresh vegetables both can be included as stuffing. The common ones are toona sinensis, shredded radish and soybean powder. It is no longer picked as the staple food, but as a snack and breakfast in Jixi. Usually, toona sinensis, pickles, pumpkins, shredded radish, soybeans, leeks and so on can be used as the stuffing. Restaurants running such small spots can be found everywhere in Jixi County.

Tart may have different names depending on their different uses. As a daily food, it is generally called tart. When working up the mountain or in the field, we would call it “cold rice food”. The Huizhou merchants would go out for business with “rations”, or leave "family food" before they went out.