Jixi hickory nut

Updated:Nov 08,2021 08:53 AM www.xuancheng.gov.cn

Jixi hickory nuts belong to hickory of walnut family, which are deciduous, commonly known as wild walnut or small walnut. They have thin shells and the nuts are full, with high kernel yield and nutrition. The delicious nuts deserve to be pure natural food. In Jixi County, hickory nuts are mainly planted in the middle east and low mountain areas. 

In each August and September, it is time to pick the nuts in Jixi. It is necessary to climb hickory trees to gather them. People would stand on the tree and beat down the fruits with bamboo poles. Beating nut needs certain skills—one should beat nuts rather than leaves, and slightly shake the end of the bamboo pole and drive the head of the pole to shake freely in order to beat the nuts. People waiting under the trees would pick up nuts falling to the ground and pack them home.

It would take a relatively complex process to select and stir-fry the nuts. After processing, we will get hickory nuts with thin shell, crisp, fresh and delicious taste.

Jixi people like to take hickory nuts as snacks in festivals or gifts to friends.