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Pomegranates produced in Huaiyuan County of Bengbu and Lieshan District of Huaibei have been listed as China Geographical Indication Products. 

Pomegranate of Huaiyuan


photo by Wang Xiangzhi

Huaiyuan County of Bengbu City is known as "the Home of Pomegranate". It has a long history of cultivating pomegranate, which can date back to 2000 years ago in the Han Dynasty. It's said that Huaiyuan pomegranate was presented as tribute to the court in ancient times.

There grow over 20 varieties of pomegranate in the county now, including Jade Granule, Red Agate, Fire Gourd and Pink. The Jade Granule is the best. One pomegranate of this variety is as big as a bowl. Its pericarp is yellow and reddish. The corn-kernel-size seeds within are as glittering and translucent as crystal. The pulp surrounding the seed is sweet and juicy, while the seed is small.

Pomegranate of Tashan


Pomegranates have been cultivated in Tashan of Huaibei since one thousand years ago. There remain pomegranate trees planted in the Ming and Qing Dynasty in the area.

The pomegranate has thin and bluish yellow peel. The juicy pulp is white, and the soft seeds are edible.

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