Banmian Noodles of Taihe County

Updated:Oct 21,2020 15:05 PM 

Banmian noodles are popular food originated in Taihe of Fuyang City.

The noodles are much wider and more chewy than common ones, since when making the dish, the cook would grab the dough, throw it on the chopping board heavily and repeatedly, and pull the dough into strips of noodles.

However, the soup is the soul of the dish. The authentic Banmian noodles feature red soup, white noodles and green vegetables. The red soup consists of broth, red pepper and minced mutton in red oil. The cook would heat mutton tallow in a wok, add in 100-odd kinds of spices including Chinese prickly ash and cassia bark, and simmer them slowly for about 30 minutes; after the spices smell, remove them out with a skimmer; keep the oil simmered and add in dry red pepper until the pepper becomes slightly burnt, then add diced mutton into the wok and continue to simmer them for about 30 minutes; finally, add the seasoning.

The locals in Taihe are only interested in Banmian noodles with mutton. The meat of goat bred there is tender and delicious. It seems that the locals could enjoy the noodles at any time of a day—a bowl of noodles with a pot-stewed egg to start an energetic morning; a bowl with stewed chicken feet for lunch; and another one with a lamb spine hot pot for dinner—an ideal diet for the locals.

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