Fish Cooked with Mutton inside (Yu Yao Yang)

Updated:Nov 12,2014 16:59 PM

This kind of dish is cooked by stewing fish with mutton inside.

It is said that in Qing Dynasty a peasant from Huizhou took four sheep to go across a river. Because the ship was too small, a ram was squeezed off the ship into the river and attracted a lot of fish. Those fish enjoyed the mutton and ate too much to swim. A lucky fisherman driving a tiny fishing boat came by. Seeing so many fish jumping up the water, he was very happy and threw a net and caught a lot of fish. After the fisherman went home, he cooked those fish with mutton in and found it very delicious and special. This story was spread out and local cooks also tried to cook such kind of dish and found it tasted really good. Since then, the dish has got its name as “Yu Yao Yang” and has become famous.


fish, mutton, ginger, soy sauce, parsley