Suzhou University

Updated:Jul 10,2020 15:50 PM

Suzhou University, founded in 1949, is a provincial full-time public undergraduate university in Suzhou, Anhui Province.

The university has 15 schools, which include 64 undergraduate majors, covering eight major disciplines: engineering, management, science, literature, economics, art, education and medicine. Moreover, the university has 1 characteristic specialty, and 1 major of comprehensive reform pilot at the state level, and 1 key discipline, 9 characteristic specialties and 12 majors of comprehensive reform pilot at the provincial level.

There are 1,018 full-time teachers, of whom 73 are professors and 207 are associate professors. And there are more than 18,300 full-time students in the university.

The university has signed 23 agreements with universities and scientific research structures which are in the United States, New Zealand, Malaysia and the “the Belt and Road” countries and regions.

Address: East Campus of Suzhou University, Education Park, Suzhou, Anhui Province, China, 234000
Tel: 86-557-2875989
Fax: 86-557-2871003
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