Fuyang Normal University

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Fuyang Normal University is located in Fuyang of Anhui Province.
Founded in 1956, FYNU began to enroll students in undergraduate programs in 1977, and postgraduate students in 2007. It has 16 schools and one continuing education college with 66 undergraduate programs in such ten disciplines as Literature, History, Law, Pedagogy, Economics, Science, Administration, Engineering, Agronomy and Artistic Science.
FYNU now has more than 1000 teachers working hard in disparate disciplines, among whom 412 hold advanced professional titles including 126 full professors, 92% of the teachers hold master’s degrees, and 31.65% hold doctor’s degrees.

Address: School of International Education, Fuyang Normal University, 100 Qinghe Xilu, Fuyang, Anhui, China  236037
Tel: +86-558-2596236, 2596896
Fax: +86-558-2593670
E-mail: guojichu001@fynu.edu.cn

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