Anhui Normal University

Updated:May 15,2018 10:32 AM
Founded in 1928, Anhui Normal University (AHNU) is one of the oldest institutes of higher learning established in Anhui Province. With its location in Wuhu City which is well-known as a land of rice and fish and nested in the southern bank of the world famous Yangtze River, Shanghai and Nanjing.
AHNU is widely acknowledged as one of the key provincial universities with natural charms of southern Anhui and famous talents from Anhui. AHNU is now composed of 18 colleges, offering a complete and systematic student cultivation system which varies at different degree levels from bachelor to doctors and in different forms from full-time higher education, adult higher education to international education.
AHNU has now developed into a comprehensive full-fledged university that provides subject studies in literature, history, philosophy, economics, administration, laws, science, engineering, pedagogy and etc.
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