Hefei University of Technology

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Hefei University of Technology one of the key universities in China, is directly under the Ministry of Education. The University is supported by the national government under Project 211. It has been included in the nation's "Project 985" Advantageous Discipline Innovation Platform. It is identified as a university under the "Double First Class" Plan which aims to develop world-class higher education institutions and disciplines.

The university was founded in 1945 in Hefei. In 1979, Comrade Deng Xiaoping inscribed personally Hefei University of Technology for the university. It has three key disciplines of national recognition, one incubative key discipline of national recognition, 28 key disciplines of provincial recognition, 12 postdoctoral research workstations. The university is authorized to confer doctoral degrees for doctoral degree programs in 12 first level disciplines, master degrees for master degree programs in 33 first level disciplines. The university's four disciplines is ranked Top one percent on the world's ESI Ranking List.

Among the 32,000-strong student population, there are 13,000 postgraduate students. The university employs 3,783 staff members. Of whom, 2,266 are full-time teachers. 

For the past 70 years, the university has educated a total of more than 280,000 talents of all calibers. The University is characterized by the following features: a wide coverage of subjects, a combination of diverse disciplines, and an emphasis on engineering. With the passage of time, it has not only created a fine tradition of learning and harmonious atmosphere throughout the campus, but also constructed and developed its own unique campus landscape.

In recent years, the university has won a number of science and technology awards with national or provincial significance. The university has been ranked forefront among all institutions of high learning in terms of the research results being applied to some major national key projects and national defense projects, such as large aircraft, satellites and large surface ships, and serving the development of local economy. In 2017, the university won the title of the first national ethical and cultural progressive campus. 

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