Tips for overseas travelers coming to Anhui during the COVID-19 outbreak

Updated:Jul 16,2020 11:10 AM

Dear AbdulMajid,

This is the official website of Anhui Provincial People’s Government.

It is required by the joint COVID-19 prevention and control mechanism of the State Council that all overseas travelers must be subjected to quarantines at designated places for 14 days and nucleic acid testing.

According to Notice on Diverting International Flights Bound for Beijing to Designated First Points of Entry into China (No. 3) (, all international flights to Beijing would be diverted to first points of entry: Chengdu, Changsha, Hefei, Lanzhou, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan, Hohhot, Ji’nan, Qingdao, Nanjing, Shenyang, Dalian, Zhengzhou, Xi’an and Wuhan, and Wuhan serves as an alternate point of entry. Passengers on the above-mentioned international flights shall go through quarantine inspection and customs clearance formalities and claim baggage at the first points of entry. Passengers who passed quarantine inspection can fly to Beijing on the original flight. Customs clearance for belly-held cargo shall be conducted in Beijing.

According to Anhui Provincial COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command Center, overseas travelers having passed quarantine inspection can drive or take public vehicles to Anhui. They should wear surgical masks all the way to the destination. After arriving at the destination, they should report to related community or village committee and follow their direction. (

For more information you can contact Foreign Affairs Office of Hefei City at 18855186670 or 18855186687. Hope it is useful.

Here attached Hotlines for Foreign-related COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control in Anhui

( )

Foreign Affairs Office of Anhui Province: 18256042809, 13855150339

Anhui Provincial Department of Education: 18919604441 (for international students and foreign teachers)

Anhui Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese: 13385695686 (for overseas Chinese)

Foreign Affairs Office of Hefei City: 18855186670, 18855186687

Foreign Affairs Office of Suzhou City: 19955701818, 15955705165

Foreign Affairs Office of Huaibei City: 13966090923, 13865616343

Foreign Affairs Office of Bozhou City: 18712288816

Foreign Affairs Office of Fuyang City: 13955872808

Foreign Affairs Office of Bengbu City: 13956333993

Foreign Affairs Office of Huainan City: 13721127666

Foreign Affairs Office of Lu’an City: 13733018709, 18919799001

Foreign Affairs Office of Ma’anshan City: 18196760910, 18255596290

Foreign Affairs Office of Anqing City: 18955660429

Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhu City: 18959217560

Foreign Affairs Office of Tongling City: 13955900651, 13955919921

Foreign Affairs Office of Xuancheng City: 18605630075

Foreign Affairs Office of Chizhou City: 15805662646

Foreign Affairs Office of Huangshan City: 13855900462, 18855956288

Foreign Affairs Office of Chuzhou City: 15255050512, 13505508975


Travel from Pakistan to Hefei, China
Dear We want to travel from Pakistan to Hefei, China. The flight from Pakistan is PIA for Islamabad to Beijing, China. As per our knowledge we spend fourteen days quarantine in Beijing. If corona virus test become negative after spending quarantine period in Beijing, what are policies to enter in Hefei? Can we spend fourteen days quarantine in Hefei or go direct to our work? Please guide and provide the policies and other relevant information related to this matter. Regards