Public school with English Instruction

Updated:Oct 09,2016 14:56 PM

Dear Mr. Tzikas,

This is the official website of Anhui provincial government. You sent us an email to ask for information about public schools with English instruction recently. We forwarded your email to Hefei municipal government and got their reply. There is no public school with English instruction in Hefei now, but some private schools can meet your needs. If you need more information, you can contact Hefei Education Bureau through 86-551 63505185. You’d better ask someone who can speak Chinese to help you.



I am a Canadian Teacher who will be teaching in Hefei from late August on. I am looking for public schools with English instruction for my 2 children in Hefei. The international schools are too expensive. Can you tell me if schools that meet my needs exist. Both high school and primary. Thank you