Updated:Mar 09,2017 15:08 PM

Dear Uinimila Kakapu,

This is the Official Website of Anhui Provincial Government. According to the College of International Education of Anhui Normal University, there are stamps on transcripts officially issued by the university. They can also offer the copies of transcripts if you submit the request.

Here is the contact information:

Tel: (86) 553-3869406

Fax: (86) 553-3839452





A Tongan graduate from Anhui Normal University had submitted to our office her transcript from Anhui Normal University to process her qualification for recognition in Tonga. However, the transcript was without stamps and signatures. I have tried numerous times to contact Anhui Normal University through email: for confirmation but to no avail.

This is a concern to me and I hereby seeking your assistance regarding this matter. Is it normal for Anhui Normal University to release transcripts without stamps and signatures to their students? Is it normal for Anhui Normal University use different names on transcript rather than using the student's correct and legal name?

Many thanks for your time and I am looking forward to hear from you soon.

kind regards