Anhui Government Scholarship

Updated:Jun 09,2015 15:48 PM

Dear Lady/Gentleman,

Thank you for your letters.

You asked us about how to apply for Anhui Government Scholarship. You can find some information about it on, and the source of the information is two documents—Program of Studying in Anhui for International Students and Interim Measures on Management of Anhui Government Scholarship Program for International Students (Chinese Version) ( issued by the Anhui Provincial Department of Education.

If you have questions about the details, you can consult the Office of Foreign Affairs or other related offices of the university where you are studying or will study. Here are contact information of some Universities in Anhui ( Or you can consult the Office of Foreign Affairs of the Anhui Provincial Department of Education through (085)551-62831810 or 62831809.



I'm a bachelor student in Hefei University of technology. I wanted to apply my sister to come study in china especially in anhui,so i want to kow if it is still possible to appl.

Thank you in advnce


I am interested to receive Anhui Government Scholarship for International Students and do my master.

Unfortunately I can not download application form and I do not know how to apply and which university apply.

Can you help me in this way? I want to apply for business administration.

Best regards,


hi, what is the last date for admission in anhui govt scholarship?