Investment to Anhui

Updated:Dec 26,2011 16:43 PM

Dear Zaur Hasanov,

Thank you for your letter. Please call The Investment Service Center of Anhui at +86-551-2999888. The Investment Service Center of Anhui is an offical organization that undertakes consultancy, coordination and supervision and provide all around serivce for the investment in Anhui. The center is situated at No.509 Maanshan Road, Hefei, Anhui


Hello Mr. or Miss,

We are Wintech, the main and biggest producer of PVC profile in Europe. We have many plants also in other countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Tunis, Iran, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Saudi Arabia. Now we are looking for opportunities to invest in China. We have the best technology in the world and we are very professional in these terms. We also the biggest producer of PVC windows and doors, WPC and other materials. Now our main target in China to invest in nation stimulated development cities, or cities under construction, zones and areas for future development. Already we opened our office in Qingdao, as we already investing here and buying land for our first factory. For our second factory we want to cooperate with different provinces. Hope our next investment will be in your province. We would like hand on hand with Government boost development of these areas and regions. Hope to cooperate with you in these terms.

For more information please contact me.


With best wishes,


Zaur Hasanov