678 projects signed at WMC

Updated:Sep 15,2020 18:35 PM www.cnanhui.org

678 projects with a total investment of 617.8 billion yuan ($90.8 billion) were signed at the online World Manufacturing Convention (WMC), held on September 11 in Hefei, capital of East China’s Anhui province, statistics from a press conference showed.

Among them were 288 projects in strategic emerging industries, up 38.5 percent from last year’s session. They were worth 284.8 billion yuan, up 59.6 percent.

607 projects were worth more than 100 million yuan each, 26 ones more than 5 billion yuan, and 12 ones over 10 billion yuan.

564 manufacturing projects with an investment of 482.3 billion yuan were signed at the convention, accounting for 83.2 percent and 78.1 percent of the total, respectively.

214 projects covered new infrastructure, new energy, new material and new information technology, worth 232.5 billion yuan.

30 chip projects, 40 car projects and 42 electronic projects were signed, worth 27.1 billion yuan, 57.8 billion yuan and 32.8 billion yuan, respectively.

In addition, 114 livelihood projects with a total investment of 135.5 billion yuan were signed, covering public health, infrastructure, disaster control and modern services.