Hefei customs introduces measures to stabilize foreign trade

Updated:May 22,2020 16:41 PM AHFAO

"With the certificate of origin (C/O) issued by the customs, we can enjoy preferential tariff treatment for exporting products to all countries along the Belt and Road such as Pakistan and the countries in Southeast Asia, which is really a favorable condition for us to explore international markets," said a leader of the Gree Electric Appliances (Wuhu) Co Ltd in charge of customs clearance after receiving the push notification from WeChat sent by Wuhu Customs that reads "the category of 'certificate of origin' forms for self-service printing is further expanded".

Our journalist learned from Wuhu Customs that, according to the relevant provisions of the General Administration of Customs, from May 11, in addition to the 15 kinds of 'certificate of origin' forms open for self-service printing, the Asean-China Free Trade Area Preferential Tariff Certificate of Origin forms for goods to be exported to Indonesia and Singapore will be open for self-service printing. Moreover, the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin form for goods to be exported to India will also be open for self-service printing.

In order to let the export enterprises of Wuhu know the policy as soon as possible and enjoy the dividend from the policy in time, the customs further promote the implementation of the new policy. It takes initiatives to inform enterprises the preferential policy and convenient measures for goods with certificate of origin through push notifications in WeChat groups and provides targeted guidance to them. In this way, the customs is doing a good job for stabilizing foreign trade.

Meanwhile, the customs has guided such export enterprises as Wuhu Midea Kitchen&bath Appliances Manufacturing Co Ltd and Gree Electric Appliance (Wuhu) Co Ltd to realize the form-printing operation outside the jurisdiction of the customs or even outside the province.

Through such favorable measures as the whole-process online verification and C/O issuing, the customs has not only greatly saved the time and human cost for the enterprise, but also effectively avoided the risk of the COVID-19 spread that might occur from frequent contacts of personnel.