Beekeepers chase flowers to resume honey business in China

Updated:May 22,2020 09:07 AM China Daily

HEFEI-After a month of delay as the coronavirus stung one of the world's largest honey-makers by confining people indoors, Wang Jianguo and his wife are back on their flower-chasing journey.

Two days after traveling more than 1,500 kilometers north from their hometown of Jixi county in East China's Anhui province, the couple arrived in Northwest China's Ningxia Hui autonomous region in late April, where they are making locust honey.

"Previously, my wife and I, along with our yellow dog, usually set out from home in March to gather nectar, carrying beehives and tents to provinces and regions, including Jiangsu, Gansu and Xinjiang, and will return when there are no flowers around mid-August," says the 54-year-old beekeeper.