New regulation makes helmet mandatory for Chinese e-bicycle riders

Updated:May 14,2020 10:14 AM Global Times

As per a new pan-nation security guideline issued by the Ministry of Public Security that will take effect on June 1, all e-bicycle riders across China must wear helmets.

Traffic police officials of Anhui Province told the Global Times on Wednesday the new rule will be enforced throughout the nation, adding that certain cities in Anhui, for instance, Hefei have already begun trial implementations by promoting the policy and raising safety awareness among local e-bike riders. The officials added that they are informing riders on how helmets can minimize injuries in accidents.

"We also promote it among the deliverymen and couriers, most of whom ride e-bicycles. We have also contacted the associations of related companies to carry out the promotion," a spokesman from Anhui provincial traffic police told the Global Times under the condition of anonymity on Wednesday.

According to a report by the Anhui Business Newspaper, among 34 residents passing a crossroad in Hefei on e-bicycles, only two wore helmets.

The traffic police of Anhui will advocate residents wearing helmets to form a social consensus, but has not worked out related punishment if anyone is caught without a helmet after June 1.