China trade union warns against job discrimination on cured COVID-19 patients

Updated:Mar 25,2020 09:35 AM Xinhua

HEFEI, March 24 (Xinhua) -- As the resumption of work and production is making progress in regions with low of coronavirus, a Chinese federation of trade unions has issued a notice to warn against job discrimination on cured COVID-19 patients in the workplace.

The Federation of Trade Unions in eastern China's Anhui Province underlined in the notice that employers cannot refuse to employ cured coronavirus patients on the grounds that they had been infected with the epidemic.

The federation said that workers who need to stop working for treatment due to the confirmed infection with coronavirus should enjoy a medical treatment period according to law. For those with suspected infection, employers should not unilaterally terminate the labor contract on the grounds of illness or non-work-related injuries of the laborers and serious difficulties in production and operation.

It said employers should abide by labor laws and regulations during the anti-epidemic period to perform labor contracts, pay wages and stabilize labor relations with those suffering from the infection.

Chinese governments at all levels are providing stimulus to bolster the economy slowed down by the epidemic. In northeast China's Liaoning Province, the government said loan borrowers who suffered from coronavirus could apply to their lending banks for an extended period of loan repayment no longer than one year.