Association to Promote Green Farm Produce in Yangtze River Delta

Updated:Dec 20,2019 15:31 PM

An association featuring the production, processing and supply of green agricultural products in the Yangtze River Delta was formed on Thursday as part of the region’s effort to seek integrated development.

The association was unveiled at a meeting in Shanghai.

The Anhui Provincial government signed an agreement with its counterparts in the region to create a green agricultural production, processing and supply association in late October as a delegation of Anhui’s Party and government officials visited Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

The association will promote the standardized production of green agricultural products and mutual recognition of agricultural brands among Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui, according to its charter.

The association will also urge the municipality and provinces to work together to build industrial clusters where high-quality agricultural products will be processed.

Logistics hubs for agricultural products will be built and major logistics projects for them will be launched as part of the association’s effort to integrate the region’s logistics system.

The association will launch campaigns to advertise agricultural product brands. In addition, it will increase collaborations in agricultural science and technology and accelerate the application of advances in agricultural technology.

More than 190 people from agricultural and rural regulators, agricultural enterprises, research institutes, co-ops, family farms and wholesale markets in the Yangtze River Delta attended the meeting.