Two important components of Wentian developed in Anhui

Updated:Jul 25,2022 17:04 PM Anhui Daily,

On July 24, the Long March-5B Y3 rocket carrying the Wentian laboratory cabin module of China's Tiangong Space Station was successfully launched into space. The reporter learned from the 16th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) in Hefei City that the institute developed two essential components in the Wentian module.

A three-temperature zone "aerospace refrigerator" with a minimum temperature of -80°C

The Wentian laboratory cabin module is mainly oriented to the research of space life science and can support the study of the response mechanism of various types of plants, animals, microorganisms, etc., under spatial conditions, as well as the experimental research in closed ecosystems.

To store these experimental biological samples, there are four experimental cabinets in the Wentian module, among which the 16th Research Institute of CETC cooperated with the General Design Department of the 5th Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and developed the core device "cryogenic storage device" for the "scientific glove box and cryogenic storage cabinet".

This "cryogenic refrigerator" for experimental biological samples customized for the space station supports three storage temperatures of -80°C, -20°C and +4°C. It is China's first "aerospace refrigerator" with three temperature zones, with a minimum temperature of -80°C, and uses the Stirling cooler technology.

Microwave amplification module

Another product developed by the 16th Research Institute of CETC used in the Wentian module is a microwave amplifier module. The amplifier and related components can work together to filter, amplify and transmit signals from the Wentian module to the outside to ensure smooth information exchange.

The relevant person in charge of the 16th Research Institute of CETC said they would continue to strive to give full play to their technological advantages in cryogenic refrigeration and cryogenic electronics, to support China's aerospace industry.