Anhui sets new record in wheat yield

Updated:Jun 04,2021 15:37 PM

Scientists have achieved a record wheat yield of 851.05 kg per mu, or 12,702.24 kg per hectare, in an experimental field in Yingquan district in East China’s Anhui province, experts said in a CCTV report on Thursday.

At the invitation of Fuyang Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, nine experts from Shandong Agricultural University, Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences and Anhui Agricultural University formed an expert panel to assess the yield.

They selected three plots randomly, harvested the wheat crops at the same time, bagged them and weighed them immediately. Moisture and impurities of the crops were also assessed by the panel.

The assessment result showed the net weight of the 2.78-mu wheat reached 2,369.59 kg, an average of 851.05 kg per mu. That was higher than the average yield of 819.85 kg per mu last year, setting a provincial record for the third consecutive year.

This wheat variety has been planted in seven provinces, with a planting area of more than 6 million mu.