Memorial of CPC's 1st national congress opens in Shanghai

Updated:Jun 04,2021 15:26 PM Xinhua

The memorial of the first National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) opened in Shanghai Thursday.

The memorial includes the site of the first CPC National Congress, an oath-taking hall, and a newly-built exhibition area.

More than 1,100 selected items that highlight the Party's history have been displayed in the exhibition area spanning 3,400 square meters.

The exhibition area is divided into seven sections that chronicle the founding of the CPC as well as the Party's efforts and achievements over the past 100 years.

Exhibits including relics, photos and literature cover major events such as the New Culture Movement, the May Fourth Movement, the establishment of early CPC organizations and early CPC national congresses.

A total of 72 versions of The Communist Manifesto are also on display.

The founding fathers of the CPC secretly convened the first National Congress of the Party in the two-story brick-and-wood building in downtown Shanghai in 1921. The building was turned into a memorial site in 1952 and continues to be a popular tourist attraction in Shanghai.