Anhui ranks 8th in regional innovation capacity

Updated:Nov 17,2020 16:00 PM

Anhui was rated as the 8th most innovative province in China, according to an evaluation report released on November 14 in Beijing.

The report, titled “China’s Regional Innovation Capacity Evaluation Report 2020”, ranked 31 provincial regions on the Chinese mainland in terms of innovation capacity in 2020.

The report set the first-level indicators from five aspects: knowledge creation, knowledge acquisition, corporate innovation, environment for innovation and innovation performance.

Anhui has been among the most innovative provinces for nine consecutive years. It took the 10th place in 2019.

The province has viewed innovation as the first driving force for development and kept expanding the capacity for scientific and technological innovation over the past few years.

The province also made remarkable achievements in sci-tech projects, for example, Mozi, the world’s first mobile quantum communication satellite, allowed two ground stations more than 1,120 kilometers apart to be activated by entanglement-based quantum key distribution.