Neolithic relics site found in E. China

Updated:Nov 17,2020 10:59 AM Xinhua

Archaeologists have recently discovered a Neolithic relics site dating back about 5,000 years in east China's Anhui Province, local authorities said.

Archaeologists conducted an excavation from June to November on 500 square meters of land in the Yuejiahu relics located in the city of Fuyang and found more than 50 sites, including tombs, moats and pits, with a large number of potteries, stoneware and bone objects.

The main parts of the Yuejiahu relics date back to the late Neolithic Age. Relics from the Song (960-1276), Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties have also been found during the excavation.

No Neolithic site has been found in Fuyang before, and the discovery of the Yuejiahu relics is the first scientific evidence for the existence of prehistoric culture in the city, said Zhang Xiaolei, with the Anhui provincial institute of cultural relics and archaeology.