Evaluation Criteria for Foreigners Employed in China (Trial)

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To set up a reasonableand practicalforeign talentsassessment system which focuseson ability, achievementsand contribution and highlights market demand and valuereflected in marketevaluation and international peer evaluation  (see theClassification CriteriaforRecognition of Professional Achievement ofHigh-endForeign Talents, hereinafterreferred to as theAchievement Criteria), bythecombinedapplication ofthepoints system (seetheIntegralPoints Score Table), theWork GuideDirectoryfor Foreigners,thelabormarket test andquota management, foreignworkers will be divided into three categoriesA,B and C forcorresponding classifiedmanagement.

I.   High-end ForeignTalents (CategoryA)

CategoryA foreign talents, subject ofthe“green channel” and“admissibleabsenceforprocedure” services, include scientists, scienceand technologyleadingtalents,international entrepreneurs, special talents and other foreign high-end talents urgentlyneeded in theeconomic and social development ofChina who fallin line withthenational prioritylist for foreigntalents and anyof the followingconditions:

 (A)  elected forthe Domestic TalentsPrograms

(See the Achievement Criteria1) identified bythecompetent department ofhumanresources above theprovincial level or aboveandratified bythe OrganizationDepartment of theCPC Central Committee, the Ministryof Human Resources andSocial Security, the StateAdministration of Foreign Experts Affairs

 (B)  Conforming to the internationalcriteria ofprofessional achievement

  1.   Nobel PrizeWinner(Awards ofPhysics, Chemistry, Physiologyor Medicine,Economics)
  1.   Winners of thefollowingawards: the US National Science Medal; the US NationalTechnologicalInnovationMedal; AwardforScience of theNational Research Centerof France; theUK RoyalGold Medal;CopleyMedal; TuringAward;Fields Award;Wolff Mathematics Award; Abel Award;LaskerAward; Crawford Award; JapanPrize; Kyoto Prize;Shaw Prize; famous architectural awards (seeAchievementCriteria 2); famous industrial designawards(seeAchievement Criteria 3)
  1.   Academicians of National Academyof Sciences, AcademyofEngineering
  1.   Members of ISOand otherinternationallyrenowned academic institutions (see theAchievement Criteria4)and otherscienceand education international organizations
  1.   Directors and senior researchfellows from national research institutes and nationallabs
  1.   Project leaders, chiefscientists and keymembers of national science andtechnologyprograms
  2.   Former chief editors, deputyeditors andseniormembers ofinternational high-levelscientific and technical journals (JCRCollection 1 and 2)
  1.   Publishing3 papers asthe first authoror thecorresponding author (includingthecontributed equallyauthor)in high-level international sci-tech journals (JCRIandII)
  1.   Formermiddleorsenior administrators, professors, associate professorsof foreignor overseas high-level universities
  2.   Formersenior managers, keyR&D membersofthe headquarters, deputygeneralmanagers or aboveand R &D chief ofthe secondtier branches or regionalheadquarters oftheworld top 500 companies (seeAchievement Criteria5)
  3.  Formersenior managers ofwell-known internationalfinancial institutions (see theAchievement Criteria 6)and international accounting firms (seetheAchievementCriteria 7)
  4. Directors, deputydirectors, professors andassociate professors ofworld famouscolleges of music, fine arts, and arts (seethe Achievement Criteria 8)
  5.  Chiefconductors andvocal performers of theworld's leadingorchestra (see theAchievement Criteria9)
  6.  Artists who have held individual performances andshows atworld famous operahouses (see theAchievement Criteria10) or concert halls (see theAchievementCriteria 11)
  7. Winners of the highest individual awards of famous literatureawards (seetheAchievement Criteria12), famous film, television and drama Awards(see theAchievement Criteria13), famous musicawards (seethe Achievement Criteria14),famous advertisement awards (seethe Achievement Criteria 15), the top class awardorthe first prizein thefirst class contests or individual awards in the second classcontests of famous international artcompetition (seethe Achievement Criteria 16)orjudges of the above-listed awardsand contests
  8. Athletes listed in thetop eight in the OlympicGames orthe last two sessions ofthe World Cup, World Championships and otherimportant international events (seeAchievement Criteria17), which are included in the OlympicGames; athletes listedin thetop three in theAsian Games or thelast two sessions of Asian Cup and AsianChampionships, which areincluded in the Asian Games; the headcoaches or thecoremembers ofthe coaching teamresponsible for trainingthe above-listed athletes
  9.  Formerleaders (ministers orabove) offoreigngovernmental departments; formersenior leaders offamous international organizations or non-government institutions(see the Achievement Criteria 18)
  10. Winners of world and national skills contest or professionals engaged in thetrainingfor thecontests;highlyskilled personnelwith the highest internationalvocational qualification certificates or senior technician qualification certificates ofChina
  11.  Talents appointed forsenior management or technical posts in central enterprises

(C)  Foreigntalents fulfillingthe market demand for government-encouragedposts 

  1. Talents appointed forsenior management or technical posts in central enterprises and their subsidiaries, theglobal orregional headquarters ofthe worldtop 500enterprises, national high-tech enterprises (subjectto ratification bythe technicaldepartment abovethe provincial level) and large companies (see theAchievementCriteria 19)
  1.   Senior managers or technical staffof businessengineeringresearch centersrecognized bydevelopment reform departments,engineeringlabs recognized bydevelopment reform departments, engineeringtechnologyresearch centerrecognizedbyscienceand technologydepartments, business technologycenters recognized byeconomic and information agenciesand local technical innovation serviceplatformsrecognized byscience and technologydepartments
  1.   Senior managers or technical staff employed bydomestic and foreign medium-sized businesses (see theAchievement Criteria19);the chairman of theboard, thelegal representative,general manager or thechieftechnical specialist appointed bysmall-sized foreign-invested businesses in line with the government-encouragedindustries specified under “ForeignInvestedIndustries Guide Catalog”and"Catalogof ForeignInvested CompetitiveIndustriesin theCentral and Western Regions"
  1.   Foreign talentsappointed to senior managementposts or as associate professor,associate research fellow byhigher education institutions and research institutions;senior lecturers, senior internship tutors andotherdeputysenior orabove technicalprofessional personnel appointed byvocational colleges
  1.   Foreign talentsappointed to senior managementposts or deputysenior (or above)professional technical posts bythe first class domestic comprehensive hospitals,sub-provincial (orabove) specialist hospitals or foreign hospitals
  1.   Chiefconductor, artistic directorand chiefperformeremployed byfirst-classdomestic orchestra and otherarts organizations (see the Achievement Criteria20) 
  1.   Staff at senior management or technical positions such as editor-in-chief, deputyeditor, chief announcer, senior moderator, planningdirector, layoutsupervisoremployed bycentral andlocalmainstream media(seethe Achievement Criteria21)
  1.   Major players,coaches or core member ofthecoachingteam employedbynationaland provincial sports teams or clubs
  1.   Foreign talents whosesalaryincomeis 6 timesor higher than thelocalaverageannual incomeofthe previousyear. For Shanghai,salaryincomeshould be600000RMBor higherand personal income tax120000 RMBor higher.

(D)  Innovativeandentrepreneurial talents

  1.   Business founders who contribute withmajor technological inventions,patents andotherindependent intellectual propertyrights or proprietarytechnologyand have stable investment forthree consecutiveyearswith the actual investmentin thebusiness not less than 500,000 US dollars andindividual shares not less than 30%
  1.   Thechairman, the legal representative, thegeneral manager, orthechief technicalspecialist who contributewith major technological inventions, patents and otherindependent intellectualpropertyrights or proprietarytechnologyof thebusiness withthe annual sales morethan 10 million or the annual taxmorethan 1 millionyuanforthree consecutive years
  1.   Talents at senior management or technical posts employed bybusinesseslisted bythe competent provincialdepartment as innovativebusiness or scientific innovationindustry

(E)  Outstanding youngtalents

Youngtalents under the age of 40whoare engagedin post-doctoral researchin high-level foreign (overseas) universities ordomestic universities

(F)  Graded 85 points ormore in the points-based system

II.  Foreign professionaltalents(category B)

Foreign professionals in linewith the “ForeignersEmployed in China Guide Catalog”and the correspondingdemands ofthe economicand social development ofChinawho fall within anyof the following conditions shall be classified into CategoryB:

(A)  Foreign professionals witha bachelor degree orabove and 2years andaboverelated work experienceand fall within anyof the followingdescriptions:

  1.       Administrators or technical personnel engaged in theposts of research,teachingandadministration in thefields of education, research, news,publishing, culture, art, health, sports and otherspecial areas
  1.       Personnel underthe intergovernmental agreementsbetween China andforeigncountries, international inter-organization agreements, economic andengineeringcontractsbetween China and other countries and personneldispatched bywell-known internationalacademicinstitutions and internationalscienceand educationorganizations shall have moreflexible age restriction.
  1.       Staff employed bythe representative offices of international organizations inChina and representatives of the representative offices of overseas expertsorganizations in China 
  1.       Middle orabove managers dispatched bymultinational businesses; thechiefrepresentative ortherepresentative oftheresidentoffices offoreignbusinesses in China 
  1.       Foreign managers or technical professionals employed bybusinesses,institutions and social organizations 

(B)  Skilled talents with internationallyrecognized qualification certificates orin shortsupply

(C)  Teachers offoreign languages. Teachers offoreign languagesgenerallyshall beengaged in theteachingof their native languages and shall have abachelor’sdegree or higher degree and language teachingexperience of at least twoyears.Thosewho have had degrees in the field of education, language or teaching, orhave acquired aqualification certificate of teachingat their own countries or arecognized internationalcertificate oflanguageteachingshall be exemptedfromthe restriction on work experience.

(D)  Skilled talents with qualification certificates ,withan average salaryincome300000 RMBor higher  and personal incometax120000 RMBor higher.

(E)   Special personnel under the relevant state regulations or for the implementationof special projects

(F)   Professionals graded 60points or more according to thepoints-based system

III.   Other foreigners(CategoryC)

Foreigners employed tomeet the demand ofthedomesticlabormarket in line withthe statepolicies and regulations areherebyclassified into CategoryC. This categoryincludes:

  1.   Foreignemployees in line with the relevantregulations concerningtheemploymentof foreigners in China;
  1.   Foreignersengagedinsometemporaryor short-term(nolongerthan90days)posts;
  1.   Foreigners under thequota system management, includingyoungforeignerscomingto China for internship under intergovernmental agreements, foreign studentsin line with the relevant regulations, foreigngraduates from overseas institutions ofhigher learning, foreigners engaged inlongrangefishingand other special fields.