Foreigners in Anhui Province May Book for COVID-19 Vaccination

Updated:May 13,2021 09:21 AM

Anhui will start appointment-based COVID-19 vaccination for foreigners in the province pursuant to the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council. From today on, Anhui will include the foreigners of appropriate ages in the province into the program of getting the domestically-developed COVID-19 vaccine (in the marketing stage) on the basis that they are informed, voluntary and willing to be inoculated at their own costs and bear corresponding risks.

Each of those foreigners who are willing to be inoculated will receive in total two doses of domestically-developed inactivated vaccine now available in Anhui. Those who have been covered by China’s medical insurance are entitled to the same treatment as that to the insured Chinese citizens. Those who have not been insured should bear the cost of RMB 100 per dose on their own.

From today on, foreigners who are willing to be inoculated may book the vaccination appointments by themselves or through employers. Those who succeed in making the appointment may take Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card, passport or valid permit of stay or residence to the vaccination venue on the confirmed date. Before inoculation, you will be required to sign a letter of informed consent, disclaimer and other documents according to the given procedures. You should also ensure your personal protection and advise your health status truthfully to the on-site medical professionals so that they will decide if you are suitable for inoculation or not. You should also pay close attention to your health status within 14 days of inoculation and go to hospital promptly for medical advice in case of any adverse response.