Hefei Botanic Garden

Updated:Aug 31,2014 12:13 PM www.ah.gov.cn


Located in Shushan Lake Scenic Spot, Hefei Botanic Garden is surrounded by the Dongpu Reservoir and covers an area of 70.5 hectares. It is a multifunctional garden for plant germplasm resources preservation, scientific research, popularization and tourism.

There grow over 2,000 species of plants in the garden, including 29 national I, II and III rare plants. It has nine specialized gardens—plum blossom garden, osmanthus garden, bamboo garden, magnolia garden, pomegranate garden, waterscape garden, garden plant demonstration area, autumn view garden and bonsai garden. The pomegranate garden holds the widest variety of pomegranate in the world.


Each year, the garden would hold plum blossom festival, masmathus flower show and lotus show which are all popular with local residents and tourists.

Besides flower shows, visitors can also come for rowing and barbecue here.