Wanxi Museum

Updated:Dec 07,2018 16:19 PM 安徽省人民政府

Founded in 1980, Wanxi (Western Anhui) Museum is located in Lu’an city. Most collections exhibited here were excavated from ancient tombs around the city. They show its long history and profound culture.

Lu’an was the fief of the descendants of Gaoyao, the Minister for Law of Emperor Shun in prehistorical China. In the Warring States Period, King Kaolie of Chu moved the capital to Shouchun, known as Shouxian County today, and Lu’an became the political, economic and cultural center during the late period of Chu.

As a city with great military importance, Lu’an was the battlefield of many historic battles.

A number of historic figures were also brought up here, such as Sunshu Ao, a hydrologist and politician, Li Gonglin, a painter and Xu Jishen, a strategist.