Huizhou Culture Museum

Updated:Dec 06,2016 08:16 AM

Huizhou Culture Museum is the second largest comprehensive museum in Anhui Province, it is also the only museum that fully reflects the theme of Huizhou culture. The museum is spacious, surrounded by lush vegetation and water, cultural landscape and the natural landscape sceneries add radiance and beauty to each other.


It is located in Huangshan City, covers an area of 157 mu and building area of 14,000 square meters. Under the guideline of oneness of human and nature and on the basis of Huizhou culture, Huizhou Culture Museum is a multi-functional building, but also a Huizhou landscape with typical local architectural styles. Museum of the basic display position "Man and Huizhou Culture", is divided into six parts: Approaching Huizhou, Huizhou Merchants across the World, Huizhou Etiquette, Huizhou Architecture, Huizhou Art, and Huizhou Science and Technology.