Anhui Geological Museum

Updated:Aug 31,2014 12:01 PM

Lying beside the Swan Lake of Hefei, the new site of Anhui Geological Museum opened in 2012. It has a floorage of 26,500 square meters, with the display area of 16,500 square meters. There are six permanent exhibition halls: the reception hall, the hall of the Earth, the hall of evolution, the hall of dinosaurs, the hall of mineral rocks and the hall of resources and environment. The museum also provide a leisure area, a 4D cinema for science popularization, a multi-functional lecture hall and a hall for temporary exhibition.

The largest natural crystal ball in China is showed in the reception hall.

The hall of the Earth gives an introduction to the formation, structure and development of the Earth. It also explains the orogeny of Dabie Mountain with pictures, words and multimedia techniques.

With 651 precious fossils, the hall of evolution presents the visitors the origins, development and evolution of life on the Earth.

In the hall of dinosaurs, visitors can not only learn the basic knowledge about dinosaurs and see dinosaur specimens, and also participate in different activities about dinosaurs.

In addition, visitors can appreciate beautiful stones in the hall of mineral rocks and learn the basic knowledge about the abundant resources reserves in Anhui in the hall of resources and environment.


Opening Hours for free-admission

Tuesday-Sunday 9:00-17:00

Monday Break (except legal holidays)