Anhui Geological Museum

Updated:May 31,2021 11:13 AM

Address: No.999 Xianlonghu, Hefei, Anhui province

Hours: 9 am-5 pm (no admission after 4 pm)

General admission: Free

Closed Mondays (except for public holidays)

Tel: (+86-551) 63548008

A portion of the mineral rocks gallery at the Anhui Geological Museum. [Photo/]

The Anhui Geological Museum is one of the leading facilities in the cultural zone of Hefei, Anhui province. It covers 53,333 square meters – making it the largest of its kind in China – and is also the site of the Anhui Provincial Paleontological Museum and Anhui Paleontological Research Institute.

The museum’s permanent exhibitions follow several curatorial themes: the universe, the Earth, animals and plants, humans and natural resources. These themes are illustrated in modern galleries titled "Earth," "The Evolution of Life," "Dinosaurs," "Minerals and Rocks," and "Natural Resources and the Environment."

Children view dinosaur fossils in the Anhui Geological Museum. [Photo/IC]

The museum is an outstanding destination for those looking to learn more about geological history and Earth sciences. It displays an exceptional selection of paleontological fossils selected from its 50,000-plus permanent collection of fossils, minerals and gemstones – all dating to different periods of Earth's history. The museum also has crystals and meteorites of various sizes in its collection.

The Chaohusaurus fossil from the collection of the Anhui Geological Museum. Chaohusaurus is an extinct fish-like marine reptile. [Photo/]

At the Anhui Geological Museum, you have the opportunity to see some of the country's most impressive fossils on display, including marine reptile fossils from Guizhou province, fossils from the Jehol biota in Northeast China, and fossils from the Shanwang Basin fauna biota in Shandong province.

In addition to its world-class collection, the museum boasts many amenities for visitors, including a geology-themed cafeteria, a 3D theater, a souvenir shop and a nature garden.