Anhui Provincial Library

Updated:Aug 31,2014 11:02 AM

Anhui Provincial Library, lying beside the beautiful Bao River, has a floor space of 36,900 square meters which can hold 4.2 million books or documents. The library is equipped with advanced computer service management system, satellite communication system and security system, so readers can access it through the internet to search books collected in the library.

There are overall 2.97 million documents held in the library, including 350,000 thread-bound ancient books. The historical documents, especially literatures on Huizhou, constitute the special treasures of the library. It has a relatively complete collection of masterpieces written by Anhui scholars which constitute a part of the Hui Culture that were formed in the Ming and Qing Dynasty and holds an important position in the development of Chinese culture.

The library opens 17 counters to provide services to visitors. Besides book lending, it also offers services such as information consultation, education, training, academic report and exhibition.