Policies and Measures—2016 Anhui Investment and Trade Expo

Updated:Oct 26,2016 09:38 AM Bureau of Commerce

According to Anhui’s Implementation Plan for Promoting Supply-side Structural Reforms, various policies and measures will be implemented in our province in order to reduce the cost. By 2018, the comprehensive cost of enterprises is expected to reduce by 5%-8% compared with that in 2015. By 2020, the cost of institutional trade, labor, taxation, social security, finance, electricity and logistics will reduce in a proportion higher than the national average. Thus, enterprises will ease the heavy burdens and expand direct financing. Also, the industrial development foundation effect of Anhui Province will be developed in the form of the acceleration of various private equity fund such as Angel Investment and Business Establishing Investment. Besides, enterprises are encouraged to expand bond financing in order to perfect the financing structure and reduce financing cost.

By means of 4105 Action Plan of Adjustment –to-promotion and systematic implementation of full innovation upgrading, RMB 600 billion will be invested by Anhui Province in 2016 to promote the industrial technological upgrading. There are more than 3,000 projects involving the industrial technological upgrading and there are about 1,000 key technological upgrading projects involving more than RMB 100 million consecutively annually. Other policies involve: the implementation of Top 100 Innovation Enterprises Projects, establishment of industrial innovation strategic alliance, taxation preferential policies for enterprise innovation, deduction of research and development charges, implementation of four income taxation policies in the national innovation demonstration areas, technical transfer, technical development and technical consulting for enterprises, exemption of value-added tax of technological service, etc. Besides, Anhui will focus on supporting 30 newly-established innovational and technological teams annually. It will allow eligible private capital agencies to set up financial institutes such as small and medium sized banks by means of leaving special technological funds for innovation-oriented province construction and key research and development plan. A perfect intellectual property management system as well as an innovation-driven evaluation system focusing on the intellectual property will be established. An industrial development fund of Anhui Province with a total amount of RMB 80-100 billion will be established, among which the first-stage will be RMB 60 billion for establishing fund cluster covering the whole enterprise life cycle.

According to Made in China of Anhui in 2025 released by Anhui Province, Anhui will build a manufacturing-oriented province by making breakthrough on 12 high-end manufacturing industries and promoting 5 competitive traditional industries. Financial and tax support will be strengthened and the provincial development and investment fund as well as the provincial high-tech industry investment fund will be coordinated in order to realized the 2025 Goal of Made in Anhui, the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, the development of small and medium enterprises, the development of the integrated circuit (IC), the sub funds of big data such as cloud computing. Policy-based financing and guarantee system will be strengthened and 4321 new-type government-bank guarantee cooperation system will be implemented (that is, risk will be undertaken at the ration of 4:3:2:1 respectively by the city or county guarantee institution, the provincial guarantee group, the bank and the local government). For 4 consecutive years, an investment of RMB 3.1 billion from the provincial financial department will be used as the capital fund of strengthening policy-based guarantee institution and a capital supplement system of guarantee institution will be built. Besides, the following policies will be implemented: 1+6+2 support policy of innovational province construction, tax preferential policy of high-tech enterprise incubators, industrial design center, reward and subsidy policy of enterprise technology center, support policy for businesses established in Anhui by high-level high-tech talent teams.

The construction of E-commerce in Anhui Province will be promoted by leaving provincial special fund for promoting the development of e-commerce, focusing on the support of developing main e-commerce entity, building e-commerce public service platform, providing e-commerce talent training, organizing promotion activities on the Internet organized by Anhui enterprises. Support for e-commerce projects will be strengthened by making use of the provincial industry development fund. E-commerce enterprises are encouraged to apply for affirmation of high-tech enterprises or advanced technology service and will gain relevant tax preferential policies according to current tax policy. In the urban and rural planning, land for e-commerce industry use will be planned and distributed in a rational way. Commercial banks, commercial factoring institution and e-commerce enterprises are encouraged to provide supply chain financial and business factoring service and to further expand e-commerce enterprise financing channels. Policy-based guarantee institutions are encouraged to provide service to e-commerce enterprises. 1% of its investment will be awarded to World Top 100 enterprises and Domestic Top 50 enterprises newly established in Anhui Province with an actual registered capital of RMB 50 million (the maximum award will be no more than RMB 2 million).